Life changing. How often have we heard those words? Yet here at Samaritan Center for Young Boys & Families we actually live them. Each day we see a life changing attitude in a boy. We see life changing dynamics within a family. We see life changing learning comprehension. Each day we see life changing miracles.

You can be a part of helping to change lives. Help a boy learn to make good decisions. Help reconcile a family. Help provide a program that provides the tools and guidance to flourish in life rather than fail.
You can help through your donations, through sponsoring a boy through a scholarship, attending our functions, by volunteering your time and talents.....or myriad other ways. Contact us through this website or call us at (772) 287-4123. Go ahead. Change some lives!
Our mission: The Samaritan Center for Young Boys & Families is a Christian, residential, early intervention program founded to provide love, education, and discipline to young boys and their families.