How it Works

The Samaritan Center has received support from the Martin County Sheriff's Office including personal visits with Sheriff Snyder.

"Samaritan Center’s program is both successful and unique, in that they work not only with troubled boys, but with their families. As a result, the cycle of dysfunction is broken and positive, life-changing results are realized for the betterment of the boy, his family, the community and generations to follow. This program is an asset to our community."

Sheriff William D. Snyder
Martin County Sheriff’s Office

It is imperative that each boy's family be actively involved in Samaritan Center’s program to achieve and maintain a healthy and fully functioning family dynamic. This is the only way to ensure a lifetime change: not only for the boy, but for his entire family . . . and generations to come.

Samaritan Center’s multifaceted approach includes one-on-one education, a structured and nurturing residential setting, counseling and family support, and a range of recreational activities. The program is rooted in sound Christian principles and includes faith-based instruction and prayer.

A key component in our program is its merit/demerit system, which awards or removes privileges based on behavior. Simply put, each boy gets immediate feedback and realizes a daily impact from the choices he makes: good or bad. The parents must also adopt this system in their homes, and they tell us the results are empowering and life-changing for the entire family.