Our Program

Enrolling a troubled child is an act of love on behalf of his family.

“Helping People Succeed has had a relationship with Samaritan Center for many years – one in which we have seen troubled boys go in with behavioral and emotional problems and come out as confident, competent youths with a future. At Samaritan Center, every boy matters.”

Virginia O. Jones, LCSW
Clinical Director
Children's Community Mental Health
Helping People Succeed, Inc.

Boys in grades 1 through 8 come to Samaritan Center as a result of inappropriate behavior that often results in poor academic performance. We address this range of challenges from a positive perspective, employing structure, consistency, love and encouragement.

Key to the success of the program is Samaritan Center’s team approach, which involves the boy, his family and our staff. Together, we work to modify each boy's behavior, get him at or above his expected grade level, and build his character, self-esteem and sense of community. We use a basic merit and demerit system to encourage the boys to make good choices.

There is no judgment passed here: We focus our energies on the future, and do everything we can to help each boy reach his full potential.

Enrolling a troubled child is an act of love on behalf of his family. They recognize that changes must be made, and they cannot do it alone. Early intervention is critical to successfully disrupting patterns of poor behavior and effecting lasting change.