Reading for His Future Children

When Joey came to Samaritan Center in August of 2017, he couldn’t read. Despite being passed along in public school to a fourth grade level – and even with the assistance of tutors hired by his family – he struggled greatly with reading and was extremely frustrated.  Things couldn’t go on this way, and at Samaritan Center, they didn’t.

The changes began immediately, thanks to the one-on-one attention that is a hallmark of Samaritan’s program, allowing us to focus specifically on each child.  Teachers and tutors worked intensively with Joey, using flash cards and other academic tools to help him learn.  A major breakthrough occurred when headmistress Barbara Testa noticed that Joey’s eyes weren’t focusing properly on the page.  The simple solution of placing a ruler under each line of text as he reads has helped Joey tremendously.  We are also taking him to an ophthalmologist to make sure there is no underlying physical cause for this issue. 

Today, Joey is reading, even taking books home with him on weekends, and is excited about the great progress he’s making.  Joining him in the celebration are his cottage mates, who have been supportive through his struggles and have enthusiastically shared his victories.  Joey himself is looking far ahead to the benefits that learning how to read will offer:  “When I grow up and get married, I want to have two girls and two boys,” he says excitedly.  “Now I’ll be able to read to them!”


Carl's Cares

Samaritan Center was honored to be the first local non-profit to be featured in a new initiative launched by Carl’s Buick GMC:  Carl’s Cares.  As Carl’s spotlighted charity for July 2019, Samaritan Center received a donation for every car sold - a total of $2,200!  Carl’s also helped us educate the public about Samaritan Center by inviting us to share our story with their sales staff and displaying our brochures in their showroom. The generous people at Carl’s, have already been instrumental in helping Samaritan Center obtain a new van at a price we could afford.  They are truly a valued community partner.  

Community Partner Spotlight

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