The Samaritan Center program is tailored to provide support to families and help boys in the 1st through 8th grades who exhibit these types of challenging behaviors:
  • Mild to moderate 'acting out' issues at home or at school
  • School struggles or failure due to poor academic performance
  • Coping with ADD/ADHD
  • Frequent lying and deceptive ways
  • Defiance and/or disrespect for authority
  • Battles with impulse control
  • Communication obstacles
  • Troubles from anger, anxiety, or fear
  • Character or integrity concerns
  • Dysfunctional behaviors stemming from an unstructured lifestyle
The Samaritan Center is designed to intervene in the life of a child before this dysfunctional behavior becomes a lifestyle, and provide positive direction for the future of the boys and their families.  
We may not be able to enroll boys who have serious psychological or emotional behaviors like severe depression, excessive violence, suicidal tendencies, predatory behaviors, and other significant disturbances.  We also are not equipped to enroll students who have serious academic or learning disability issues that require specific one-on-one attention in the classroom.
Admission to Samaritan Center begins by filling out an online Inquiry Form, or making a phone call to our campus. With two days of receiving your inquiry, a Samaritan Center representative will contact you to explain our program and conduct a brief phone interview.
If you are comfortable with the information you receive, you and your boy may be invited to participate in a face-to-face interview at our facility with the Director of Admissions and other key members of the Samaritan Center staff who will be potentially caring for your child.  Through this conversation, more in-depth information is gathered so that an assessment of the child's behavioral history can be clarified. 
At this time, you will also be fully apprised of program costs and have other financial questions answered. (It is not our policy to deny a family acceptance into The Samaritan Center program based on inability to pay. We use a sliding-fee formula that takes into account each individual family's budget to determine how the tuition costs will be satisfied. You may qualify for a scholarship to help defray tuition expenses.)
If you would like to learn more, we invite you to submit an online Inquiry Form or call the Samaritan Center at at 772-287-4123.
Thank you for considering The Samaritan Center for Young Boys and Families in your search for the best way to help your boy grow up with health, clarity and confidence.


Carl's Cares

Samaritan Center was honored to be the first local non-profit to be featured in a new initiative launched by Carl’s Buick GMC:  Carl’s Cares.  As Carl’s spotlighted charity for July 2019, Samaritan Center received a donation for every car sold - a total of $2,200!  Carl’s also helped us educate the public about Samaritan Center by inviting us to share our story with their sales staff and displaying our brochures in their showroom. The generous people at Carl’s, have already been instrumental in helping Samaritan Center obtain a new van at a price we could afford.  They are truly a valued community partner.  

Community Partner Spotlight

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