Report Card

Boys come to Samaritan Center as a result of behavioral problems. These behavioral issues affect every aspect of their young lives, from academic progress to social interaction to their self-esteem and confidence. Often these behavioral issues stem from a dysfunction, disconnect or discord within the family. We strive not only to put our boys back on an appropriate, positive life course, but to help their families unify and function in a supportive and loving manner.

To effect a positive life change, it is imperative that the boy and his family work together.  By diligently “working the program,” not only are their lives improved but also those of their siblings, extended family members - and generations to come.

Perhaps the most asked question we receive is, “How do you know the boys and their families are improving?”  We know we make a real difference in their lives through careful monitoring, comprehensive testing and self-evaluations.

Following are some of our most recent results from the 2015-16 program year.  Though all of the boys in our program have not been included in this report, those spotlighted are very much indicative of all the boys currently enrolled in the Samaritan Center program.

Behavior progress as noted on the report cards below is measured on a scale of 1 (severe behavior) to 10 (appropriate/excellent behavior).