Board of Directors

Each member of the Samaritan Center Board of Directors serves for a 3-year term. They can continue to serve another 3-year term consecutive to the first, but no more than a continual 6-year service. Their service is contingent upon an application process and majority vote of the sitting board.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month pending holidays and/or other conflicts.

All directors listed are independent and voting members.


Board Chair

Sue Kinane

  • Owner/President Kinane Commercial Printing
  • Eligible for board service until March 2019



Tony Chillemi

  •     Realty Associate for Re/Max
  •     Eligible for board service until September 2023

Fred Kelleher

  •     Agent, New York Life
  •     Eligible for board service until May 2024

Clement McGillicuddy

  •     Retired Engineer
  •     Eligible for board service until January 2024

Richard Schell

  •     CFO & Director of Scale Finance
  •     Eligible for board service until February 2022

Ross Weaver

  •      Retired, VP of Human Resources at Sunoco Oil
  •      Eligible for board service until December 2021

 Glenn J. Webber, PA

  •        Attorney
  •        Eligible for board service until February 2020


Legal Duties of the Board

According to nonprofit corporation law, a board member is expected to meet certain standards of conduct and maintain a level of responsibility to the organization. They include:

Duty of Obedience
Adherence to the organization’s mission and central purposes must be at the core of all decisions. The board must also ensure that the organization operates within the law, both its own bylaws and policies, but also the “law of the land.” (Note: Bylaws should be reviewed and updated, if necessary, each year.)

Duty of Care
Board members should exercise reasonable care in all dealings surrounding the organization and its interests. This most decidedly includes careful oversight of financial matters as well as attention to the reading/adoption of minutes and organizational issues. It is a board member’s responsibility to raise questions on issues/points that seem unclear or questionable.

Duty of Loyalty
A board member must avoid conflicts of interest as well as the perception of a conflict of interest. This includes personal conflicts of interest, corporate/business conflicts and/or conflicts associated with any other organization to which the board member has ties.

Duty of Transparency
Boards have an obligation to ensure that the operation of the organization is appropriately transparent. Generally this entails the filing of the IRS form 990, other tax returns and making available its donor code of ethics.



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