Partner Spotlight

Home Depot Foundation: A Powerful Partner

If you’ve seen Home Depot commercials, you’ve heard the slogan, “That’s the power of The Home Depot.”  At Samaritan Center, we’ve experienced that power first-hand.  Home Depot has been a powerful supporter and community partner of ours for years, providing us with discounts, plant donations and valuable consults when we need their expertise. 

Thanks to The Home Depot Foundation, in the fall of 2017 Samaritan Center received a grant worth over $10,000 to transform our third residence cottage.  The grant, which covered everything from new appliances to landscaping, was part of Home Depot’s “Celebration of Service Campaign” to serve veterans and their families at home.  (The Samaritan Center regularly works with youth from military and veteran families.)

On November 3, 2017, approximately 40 Home Depot employees willingly gave up their days off  to volunteer their time and expertise.  Not only did they supply the man (and woman!) power, but Home Depot donated ceiling fans, kitchen and laundry appliances, paint and exterior siding.  They also gave the landscaping a facelift by trimming trees and bushes and installing fresh mulch.

Another valued Samaritan Center partner, Coastal Life Church in Palm City, provided volunteers who kept the hardworking crew fed throughout the day. 

We are extremely grateful to Coastal Life Church and to The Home Depot Foundation for their generosity and support.  They are making a powerful and positive difference!