As with all boys, Samaritan Center boys have a lot of energy to expend and interests to explore!  Thanks to help from our volunteers and Community Partners, we are able to provide them with an array of fun activities that open them to new opportunities and possibilities.  Because participating in these extra-curricular activities is a privilege that must be earned by exhibiting good behavior, they also provide an important incentive to our boys for making the right choices on a daily basis. 


Held at the U.S. Sailing Center in Jensen Beach.  Our boys learn how to sail, about water safety, how to follow instructions, self-reliance and many other character building lessons.


In conjunction with The First Tee program, our boys learn the game of golf as taught by some very special volunteers. While golf is the “vehicle,” the point of the program is to impart nine core values: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgement.


Our boys are taught to play the recorder and the bells by our band director, Doyle Bozone.  They learn to read music, follow direction and be part of an ensemble group.


With instruction provided by a professional instructor at the Florida Arts & Dance Academy, the boys learn movement, rhythm and self-confidence. (But because they're boys, they prefer to refer to this activity as “Movement”!)  Included in the curriculum are the United Way of Martin County's "Six Pillars of Character.”


The Lyric Theater in Stuart loves hosting our boys! We join them in seeing their various character/morality plays and anything else that’s fun and relevant.

ORGANIZED SPORTS (i.e. basketball, kickball, etc.)

Coached by a member of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the boys get great exercise, learn about team play and are empowered and encouraged to make a difference for Christ.


When given the opportunity, our staff and volunteers bring those boys who have earned the privilege on fresh and salt water fishing trips.


Whether in our on-campus pool, at a park or at the beach, our boys love swimming. They are coached in water safety, how to swim or swim competitively by an accredited swim coach who generously volunteers his time.


Once school is out each day, we see that there are activities to fill the afternoon so that energy can be expended, minds can be challenged and camaraderie can be fostered. On-campus activities include: biking, arts and crafts, skateboarding, tetherball, etc.


Carl's Cares

Samaritan Center was honored to be the first local non-profit to be featured in a new initiative launched by Carl’s Buick GMC:  Carl’s Cares.  As Carl’s spotlighted charity for July 2019, Samaritan Center received a donation for every car sold - a total of $2,200!  Carl’s also helped us educate the public about Samaritan Center by inviting us to share our story with their sales staff and displaying our brochures in their showroom. The generous people at Carl’s, have already been instrumental in helping Samaritan Center obtain a new van at a price we could afford.  They are truly a valued community partner.  

Community Partner Spotlight

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