Special Programs


Key to the success of the Samaritan Center program is the integration of each boy's personal growth throughout all his environments, from school to home to the greater community.  Two programs specifically address each student's transition as he graduates from the Samaritan Center and moves on to the next chapter of his life.

Transition Program

There comes a time when a young man is almost ready to move on from the Samaritan Center program.  Almost.  Perhaps he is still fine-tuning his behavioral issues.  Maybe he still struggles academically in a particular subject.  It could be that his family is not quite ready to support him fully in his move away from the program.  Still, we feel that there comes a time when the young man needs to take the next step. And we’re here to help him in that transition.

Working with the Martin County School System, we have created a program that allows the young man to attend public middle or high school during the day and return to Samaritan Center for the evening. As with the standard Samaritan Center program, he goes home to his family on weekends and holiday breaks.

The support system throughout this transition is strong:  We work alongside the family, providing them with guidance and support.  We attend parent-teacher conferences.  We are notified if there is a problem.  We provide tutoring.  And we continue to provide structure, love and encouragement.

The Transition Program allows the young man to ease back into the mainstream of schooling, extracurricular activities and socialization, while maintaining the support from the Samaritan Center that has helped him come this far.

Mentor Program

Whether a young man is leaving our program entirely, moving to the Transition Program or moving on to the next chapter of his life, he usually needs encouragement and support from a trusted friend.  Our Mentor Program is designed to address this need by pairing experienced, vetted volunteers with young men who are in transition. 

If a young man is open to having a mentor, the first step is to have his family and the mentor meet.  It is important that the family know the mentor and be comfortable with him/her meeting the young man.  If the meeting goes well, confidentiality forms, medical waivers, releases, etc. are signed by all parties, and contact information is exchanged.

The hope is that the young man and his mentor will be in touch on a regular basis - that an ongoing relationship is formed and a level of ongoing trust is achieved.  If the young man has a concern, a question, a problem…..or just wants to spend time with a good role model, he knows who to call. Conversely, our mentors reach out to their young men from time to time to keep the lines of communication open.  Maybe it’s a chat over a burger. Or a quiet afternoon of fishing.  Whatever the activity involved, the mentor is there to provide support, counsel and encouragement. 


Help Us Raise the Roof!

The Garden Cottage, Samaritan Center’s largest residence, needs a new roof as soon as possible to meet insurance requirements.  Click here to learn how you can help.

Samaritan Center's Golf Tournament Set for October 26

Join us for our annual golf tournament, with proceeds benefiting the Samaritan Center Scholarship Fund.  This year is particularly special, as we're celebrating our 50th year and holding the tournament at a new and exciting venue:  The Fox Club in Palm City.  Learn more here.

Benefit Concert: An Evening of Sinatra and Motown

Experience the voice that won America’s hearts as he performs an array of favorites from the Great American Songbook.  Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. won the sixth season of America’s Got Talent, and has gone on to hit the top of the Billboard charts and sell out concert halls across three continents. And he's coming to the Lyric Theatre on November 11 to perform a benefit concert for the Samaritan Center!  Learn more and get your tickets here.  

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