Our Goals

At Samaritan Center, our primary goal is to enable our boys to live happy, purpose-filled lives of integrity and character.  Our program addresses all aspects of their lives, from academic performance to social skills to family dynamics to community involvement.  

What sets our mission apart from most others is that we work with each boy’s family to unify them and teach them to be better parents. By strengthening the family, we can expect not only positive, long-term improvement with the boy but also with his siblings - positively impacting the lives of those we touch today and generations yet to come.

ACADEMIC GOAL:  From an academic standpoint, we expect boys to leave Samaritan Center testing at or above the grade level appropriate to their age.

CHARACTER GOAL:  We expect our boys to positively contribute to their household and the community.  We want them empowered to make good choices throughout life.

FAMILY GOAL:  Through counseling with the boys and their families, we work to have each family operate as a unit.  Parents are counseled to be loving and consistent, and to embrace their reponsibility as parents while encouraging their son/children to succeed in all aspects of life.

SOCIAL/COMMUNICATION GOAL:  Upon graduation our boys are expected to interact comfortably with people of all ages, look them squarely in the eye, shake hands and carry on appropriate and engaged conversations. 


Thank you for Making the Great Chef Adventure So Successful!

Our Great Chef Adventure held at Willoughby Golf Club on Monday, February 6 was a wonderful success. The "Recipe for Success" was outstanding food, superior service and a generous group of people with a passion for rewriting the futures of boys and families. Thank you all!

Community Partner Spotlight