The School

It is important to remember that Samaritan Center is a comprehensive behavioral program and not merely a boarding school. If we are to modify behaviors, there must be consistency and structure. An on-campus school allows us to provide just that for the boys.  The Seymour St. John Learning Center was built in 2012 to provide an on-campus school, library and meeting/activity rooms.
Boys coming to Samaritan Center usually test below their expected grade level. Each boy is assessed regarding his academic proficiency by grade level and subject area. Our full-time teacher/headmistress develops a plan to specifically address each student's academic needs. We use the Accelerated Christian Education program along with volunteer tutors and computer-based programs to help those children who are behind in their studies. By the time a boy is ready to move beyond our program and return to the public school system, he is at or above his expected grade level. We measure progress through testing, both in-house and CAT, as well as observation and oral testing.
Why the Accelerated Christian Education program? As Samaritan Center accepts students of various ages and levels of academic performance, we need an educational curriculum that:
  • Addresses our Christian foundation/core
  • Provides structure, yet allows for flexibility
  • Accommodates various grade levels/academic proficiency
  • Is accredited
  • Meets state educational guidelines
By definition, education is the process of directing learning: To provide information. To impart knowledge.  At Samaritan Center, we believe that to properly educate you must provide students with all of the facts and all of the options. Ultimately they will have to make their own choices in life, and they can do so only by being educated about all of the options and possibilities.
The Samaritan Center staff believes wholeheartedly that our boys should be given every opportunity to grow, be exposed to as many facets of life as possible, and be provided with fodder for growth and imagination.  We go out of our way to introduce them to art, museums, live theater, dance, etc.  We provide sporting activities, cooking, woodworking, crafts, etc. We invite guest speakers to educate and inspire the boys to be all that they can!


Landau Returns! Sinatra, Motown and More

He's back - by popular demand!  We are pleased to announce that Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. will return for an encore performance at the Lyric Theatre on November 8, with proceeds benefiting Samaritan Center.  Learn more and get your tickets here

"Smarter" Set for November 19

Our most popular FUNdraiser, "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" returns on November 19.  Get your team together and get ready for an evening of delectable food, spirited competition and non-stop entertainment.  Proceeds benefit Samaritan Center and will support the opening of our second cottage.  Get more info here or call 287-4123 today to reserve your seat!
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