"Attitude of Gratitude"

Thanks to the generosity of others, The Samaritan Center is here to help young boys and their families who have made poor life choices. We would not exist without the ongoing support we receive from individuals and organizations throughout our community.  In turn, we believe that the lessons of thankfulness and giving back are important ones for our students to learn as they grow into young men of character.
The Samaritan Center's "Attitude of Gratitude" program helps our students learn that no one is entitled, that we each have much to be grateful for, and that everyone's lives are enriched when we share our time, talents and treasures with those less who are less fortunate.  
This school year, we are sharing with three local organizations in various ways:
House of Hope:  Our students are collecting non-perishable food on April 30 to donate to the House of Hope.  The spring months are particularly critical for area food banks, because most of our resident snowbirds have returned home and their supply shelves are bare.  
LAHIA (Love and Hope in Action):  We are collecting toiletry items and assembling them into kits, to be distributed to the homeless as part of LAHIA's shower program.  
Project L.I.F.T. (Life Initiatives for Teens):  As part of an ongoing relationship with Project L.I.F.T., the Samaritan Center shares extra donated materials with this organization, and some of our students also work at Project L.I.F.T.