50th Anniversary

. . . of Family, Friends and Faith

What an anniversary year it has been!  In 2018, Samaritan Center marked 50 years of changing the lives of young boys and their families on the Treasure Coast.  We kicked off our year-long celebration in October 2017, when we expanded our "Attitude of Gratitude" program.  Our boys volunteered with several local non-profits, which helped them to see first-hand the needs that exist in our area, and learn the importance of giving back. 
We closed out this amazing year with several events, the first of which was a proclamation presentation on October 9 from the Board of County Commissioners in Martin County, congratulating Samaritan Center on its 50th anniversary. 
Two major fundraisers and friendraisers were successful in raising needed financial support, while introducing Samaritan Center and its programs to new audiences: 
We are grateful to everyone in the community who has partnered with us, provided funding, volunteered, and spread the word about our services.  Because of you, we have celebrated 50 years of family, friends and faith - and are looking forward to 50 more!