Coronavirus Update - Your Support is Needed!

These are unprecedented times.

In the blink of an eye, our lives are encountering fundamental change. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting us all, with long-lasting implications for our health, finances and daily living. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours as you navigate these extraordinary challenges.

At Samaritan Center, we are navigating uncharted waters, too. While we are keeping our social distance, the needs of our boys and their families remain great. We’re working diligently to help them remotely:

  • We’re providing virtual counseling, as our families “work the program” from home, to maintain the behavioral progress that we’ve achieved.
  • We’re in touch with each family, helping them to access the support and resources they require.
  • We’re sending school work home to maintain continuity and progress in the boys’ studies.
  • We’re preparing for an extended school year, that will continue outside of the traditional calendar parameters once the crisis has passed, and are staffing appropriately.
  • We’re maintaining, improving and sanitizing the campus, as we look forward to the boys’ return.

Your investment in our boys and their families changes their futures and brings long-lasting benefits to the greater community. We can’t stop now.

Help us keep your investment working and the Samaritan Center going strong by making an online donation today. The boys – and all of us – need you now, more than ever.

Bless you!