Volunteers teach a variety of skills to our youth.
The volunteers enjoy working closely with the boys and getting to make a difference in their lives.
Who doesn't like helping build a home for a deserving family? Great lesson in giving back to others.

At Samaritan Center, volunteers are a vital part of our program, and volunteer opportunities are limited only by our imaginations! Bring your passion and your skills, and we’ll find a place where you can make a difference, including:

• Tutoring our students
• Helping with fundraising events or off-campus activities
• Preparing homecooked meals for the boys
• Assisting our facilities manager with groundskeeping or maintenance

We'd love to talk to you to explore ways that you can use your unique skills, creativity, education and experience to empower and inspire our students.

We promise: There is nothing more rewarding than helping to reconcile families and build men . . . one boy at a time!

Call us at 772-287-4123 or contact us online to learn more.